Monday, December 22, 2008

Just Don't Do It

I love watching A Christmas Story and I have to watch it every year. Not only is it a holiday classic, it's an excellent Public Service Announcement. As a little girl watching it, this scene scared the crap out of me and taught me an important life lesson: Do NOT, under any circumstances, touch your tongue to any cold metal surface. Before this movie, kids had to learn that lesson the hard way. You'd think that with this scary reminder, torn tongues would be a thing of the past, but apparently kids are still doing this. When I was volunteering at school there was a little boy in the nurse's office who stuck his tongue on a frozen fence and was hysterical with a bleeding tongue. Instead of waiting for help, he (brace yourself!) ripped it away.

So here's your friendly reminder to tell your child the dangers of cold metal, if you don't talk to them about it, who will?

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Frances said...

Haha, I did this to our freezer when I was a kid (no frozen fences or flagpoles in tropical Asia!). I was so alarmed when my tongue got stuck! And no one else was at home. It's a good thing I got stuck in the refrigerator; I just got some water and poured a little bit on my tongue. Plus, because our country is hot and the fridge door was open, the temperature rapidly dropped and my tongue got loose. Whew!